Loss Mitigation and Asset Management

Our post funding services do not stop at a simple desk or field review of a disputer report, whether it is 6 months old or 16 years old.

Many instances do exist where after many years, a property has changed in condition, size and/or use. (Legally or not) Original MLS photo's and descriptions are available going back to 1996, prior to 1996 only one exterior photo was available and realtor descriptions in the listings are the only data available.

Constant asset management is particularly critical for Credit Unions, Portfolio lenders and Non-Profits. No pay, slow pay, economic change, neighborhood change, owner occupied, vacant, secured, open to the elements, etc, all could have radical shifts in values. What is in your portfolio?

Additional Services

We offer a number of additional services such as:

  • Review of the original sales contract and/or application
  • Review of the HUD-1
  • Field review of the subject, original comparables and it original value validity is questioned, additional retro comparables added to new review report.
  • Expert Testimony in New York State Courts if necessary